Our Executive Services Expertise

The role of the Executive and Non-Executive, both within finance and across the Board, is evolving within all sizes of business. Digital innovation, board diversification and changing leadership styles are high on the agenda for many organisations in Scotland.


Effective leadership is increasingly hinged upon communication. It follows that finding the most personable professional to manage and guide strategic functions of the business, hinges upon your trusted recruitment partner building the right relationships with the best individuals.


Our team has an in-depth understanding of the leadership market and we play an active part within our extensive community of business leaders. We can help organisations attract their leaders – and assist talented professionals with assessing and approaching the best leadership positions for their skillsets and ambitions.


We understand how boardrooms and selection committees operate and can support professionals at every level with future-proofing a purposeful career.


Due to the confidential nature of our leadership roles, please get in touch directly with Laura Montgomery by emailing lauramontgomery@imultiplyresourcing.com. 


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