Our Not for Profit Expertise

Charities, further and higher education, tourism, housing, healthcare and social enterprise are key employers in Scotland.  With over 24,000 registered charities in Scotland, the size and diversity of the not for profit sector in both regions is testament to the innovative and inclusive communities alive and well in both markets. Those employed in these organisations can have access to a rich variety of career experiences and opportunities.


Our Not for Profit team have an exceptional track record of customer care and expertise within this sector and are renowned for their integrity and expertise. We understand the challenges and opportunities of working with a not for profit organisation; our consultants are proactive executives on the boards of a number of third sector organisations. An expansive network of contacts across these organisations also provides us with unique market insights into this vibrant sector.


For a confidential discussion please get in touch with Andrew Robinson by emailing andrewrobinson@imultiplyresourcing.com. 


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