Post title: Accounts Project Manager - 21 hours/week – flexible time – Fixed term – 6 months

Post Salary: PO1 – PO2 pts 35 to 42 pro rata

Responsible to: Chief Executive

Responsible for: Organisational accounts management and review

Purpose of Post:

  • Review accounts management system 
  • Provide financial information to CEO, Board of Directors, Auditor and Funders by analysing organisational accounting data; preparing management reports, budgets and forecast

​Post Objectives:

  • Review LCiL accounts management and reporting system so that financial information is regularly available to the CEO and in a format accessible to the Board of the organisation
  • Preparation of monthly cash flow forecasts, and other financial reports as required by the Chief Executive, Team Leaders and Board Members
  • In conjunction with the Chief Executive & Treasurer prepare and present budgets for consideration by the Board of Directors at commencement of each financial year
  • Prepare and balance organisational accounts for presentation to the Auditor at the end of the financial year
  • Prepare and submit annual return to OSCR
  • In collaboration with Chief Executive and Treasurer develop unit costings for all LCiL services to achieve sustainability
  • Prepare budgets for funding applications
  • Oversee the day to day processing of all invoices, remittances, cheques etc. for all organisational activities
  • Oversee the processing of Financial Support Services service users’ invoices and receipts + oversee credit control procedures
  • Reconciling all organisational bank accounts
  • Operation of a petty cash fund
  • Preparation of online payments, acting as co-signatory with Chief Executive (for payments up to £1,000).


  • Undertaking other appropriate duties from time to time as determined by the Chief Executive

Contacts (when relevant):

  • Disabled people, their staff and their families
  • LCiL’s Board of Directors, staff and members
  • Local and national disability organisations
  • Voluntary and charitable organisations
  • Statutory bodies
  • Local Authority and Health Board officials and representatives
  • Government Departmental officials
  • Suppliers of goods, services or equipment
  • Private sector organisations.

Supervision and Support Received:

The post holder will receive regular supervision with the Chief Executive in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of service.  The post holder will be expected to attend staff meetings, training courses, LCiL events or other meetings deemed appropriate to the function of the organisation.

Complexity and Creativity:

The Lothian Centre for Inclusive Living is an innovative and demanding initiative which has had a significant impact on the lives of disabled people, their families and the statutory authorities in the Lothian area.

The provision of support which enables disabled people to increase their level of self control in all aspects of their lives is highly complex.  It requires sensitivity, an extensive knowledge of services which are available to disabled people and a wide knowledge of the concerns of disabled people.

The post holder would need to maintain an up to date knowledge of all relevant legislation.  She/he would be required to use ingenuity and imagination to find the most appropriate solutions to individual situations.

She/he would be required to take initiative on a wide range of tasks and work as part of a team to ensure the Centre maintains an inclusive approach.

It is essential that the post holder is able to work within an organisation which is led and managed by disabled people.