The Stramullion Service in West Pilton was established in 2003 in partnership with the City of Edinburgh Council. It provides secure short term supported accommodation for up to ten women and their children in individual flats. Rowan Alba provides support and advice based upon the individual needs of each client.

Stramullion works with women aged 16+, with and without children, who are homeless. This includes young people who are in transition from care,  women who do not have functioning support systems, and those involved in offending, alcohol or drug misuse. Stramullion staff provide advice and support to enable each woman to build the personal skills and resources they need – equipping them to move on from homelessness in a positive and healthy way.

Each personal support plan depends on individual circumstances and needs. Here are just some of the core services which many Stramullion clients require:

  • Welfare and benefits advice
  • Budget and debt management
  • Life skills training and home management
  • Tenancy maintenance support
  • Resettlement and social activities
  • Advice, information and support to access local community services
  • Referral to specialist social work, health and counselling services
  • Help with applictions and grants
  • Move on support when the time comes to move in to their own home
  • A follow up service after re-settlement.


The Stramullion (an old Scots word for ‘strong woman’) service believes that accommodation, support, education and employment provide women with the best route off the streets and out of the misery caused by homelessness.