About Rowan Alba


Their Mission

Their vision is of an inclusive society, where a coherent social policy integrates the wish of falling through the cracks, and where this does happen, the provision of centered services which holistically address the needs of the individual and focus on their capacity to contribute fully to a more connected community.


Their Values

ACCEPTING people as they are. The fundamental principle of the right of the individual to make choices about their lives in terms of health, relationships and lifestyle. Challenging established practice based on the belief that services know what is best for people. Security of tenure, safety, choice and respect.

SUPPORTING those ready to move to a more independent life. We offer a balance between independent, supported and communal living. Above all, we are responsive to the changing needs, priorities and aspirations of each individual.

INCLUDING people in society – ongoing care for those who are not ready, or whose life experiences have left them unable to live independent of support.