Finance career transition 

iMultiply work with an organisation who have unparalleled insight and are uniquely placed to offer a wide range of expert consultancy to support your ongoing recruitment and career management needs. offer effective and practical solutions to ease the transition of staff from your company to their new future. All programmes are tailored to an individual's circumstances but typically focus on clarifying change parameters, building career confidence, exploring career options and effective techniques for achieving career goals.

Programmes can be delivered to a group, on a 1:1 basis and for Executives.

Services include:

  Executive programme for senior members of staff

  CV writing and career workshops

  Assisting with change, confidence-building and identification of transferrable skills

  Practical support for staff facing redundancy

Using this service will demonstrate your intention to fulfil your duty of care, speed up resolution and promote a positive mindset.

From an employee’s perspective, they will know that your organisation has done everything to help them secure their new future.

All of this helps your business to be seen as an employer of choice and maintain your reputation by treating employees with dignity and respect.