The MEND Programme is a free fun course for families with children aged 7 to 13 who are above a healthy weight for age and height. 

This comprehensive education and exercise programme runs twice a week for ten weeks.

MEND (mind, exercise, nutrition, do it) is one of the UK's most innovative and effective obesity prevention and treatment programmes. 

The programme helps children and families manage their weight better and lead healthier lives. It was developed by child health experts and research shows it really works. With the support of their parents or carers, children learn how to improve their health, fitness and the way they feel about their bodies.

If your family joins a MEND Programme, we will teach you about nutrition and how to eat a balanced diet. We’ll also help you learn how to be more active, and show you some clever mind tricks to help you keep up your motivation. 

We will help you make changes gradually so you can stick to your new healthy lifestyle and show you skills to change your attitudes towards food and exercise to feel fit, healthy and happy - for good.


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