Agile FDs for entrepreneurial businesses.

To be successful, businesses must be nimble, well-led and resolutely focused on keeping down costs. Interim or Agile FDs are the perfect solution because they have the ability to add significant value to an emerging business without the pain of a permanent salary.

As more Financial specialists look to develop a portfolio career, it seemed logical to set up a service which matches the right emerging company with the most suitable FD, thus creating a harmonious and effective partnership for all concerned.

Where can an Agile FD add value?

  Enables entrepreneurs to focus on their own skills and objectives

  Is able to manage the expectations of investors

  Can provide fundraising experience

  Is knowledgeable about R&D tax credits and available grants


To become part of the Agile FD Network, or to add a seasoned specialist to your team, contact Lucy Edgar, Head of Interim on 0131 603 7740 or Jamie Watts, Manager on 028 9244 9980.