iMultiply does...Scaling-up in Food & Drink: Unique insights from Boyd Tunnock, Brewgooder and Scottish Enterprise
11 September 2018

Boyd Tunnock, Tunnock’s Managing Director, Alan Mahon, Brewgooder Co-founder and Scottish Enterprise celebrated Scotland Food & Drink Fortnight in style at iMultiply's Scaling-up in Food & Drink forum in Glasgow last week. The iMultiply forum brought together investors, founders and decision-makers from growing businesses and household brands within Scotland’s vibrant food and drink scene to chew over the opportunities and complexities of scaling-up a food and drink company, both locally and internationally. Lively debate focussed on when to scale-up, leadership development, attracting talent, the challenges of diversifying product ranges, growing brand recognition and building for the future.

A pyramid of Tunnocks teacakes and Brewgooder set the scene as Kirsty Mackenzie, iMultiply CEO and Founder introduced our speakers, “We are delighted that Boyd, Alan and Scottish Enterprise are backing our initiative to support growing food and drink businesses in Scotland. People and culture are the key ingredients to scaling-up a Scottish food and drink organisation.”

“As a scaling-up business ourselves, it is important to recognise the importance of harnessing the ideas coming from your team. Layering a product based business with the solid commercial base of a strong finance team, ensures that ambitious food and drink businesses have the decision-making bite to drive the business forward."
Alan Mahon, Brewgooder Co-founder began by highlighting that, "Brewgooder craft beer is on a mission to bring 1,000,000 people clean drinking water around the world. To do that we need to harness our teams' best ideas... for every two good ideas, there are 100 bad ones....the trick is to keep it going and retain a fearless culture of rolling out new ideas."
Declan Lannon, Scottish Enterprise Scaling Account Manager build upon the theme of innovation, "Scottish Enterprise is all about creating economic value for Scotland. More productive companies, mean higher paid and more jobs.....As your company gets bigger it is all about attracting and retaining the right talent and leadership."
Boyd Tunnock, Tunnock’s Managing Director rounded off our insightful evening by offering encouragement to founders growing a food and drink business in Scotland and confirming that talent is the key to a successful business, ”My father always said employ people cleverer than you.”
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