iMultiply does...Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned from Real Growth Companies
12 June 2018


iMultiply explored the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurial businesses with our community of entrepreneurs, investors and finance leaders at Strathclyde Business School. John Anderson, Strathclyde Business School Head of SME Engagement, Andy Murray, FanDuel Head of Global Talent Acquisition and Corien Staels, wheelAIR founder provided candid accounts of the entrepreneurial journey.

Our first speaker, John Anderson, with over 20 years experience of emerging and growth companies, asked the question of our audience, 'why can't we scale businesses in Scotland? Do we have the critical mass yet?' He went on to comment on the positive change he is seeing across the support network for growing businesses, 'The language which we are using is aligning to international expectations of what are recognised as 'innovative driven enterprises''. 

Andy Murray, FanDuel Head of Global Talent Acquisition highlighted that in the early growth stages of FanDuel, 'we went from 30 to over 500 employees in 2 years...our culture changed as we grew.' Andy emphasised the importance of building a sustainable culture within a growing business which can withstand the acquisitions, integrations and changes required to expand successfully.

Corien rounded off the evening with candid insights into the challenges facing a product based growth business, 'operating is tough but, industry and people are at the heart of the challenge.' She thanked the Scottish entrepreneurial support network stating that, 'my future market is the US, but I started my business in Scotland because of the early stage support.' However, she added that more could be done to nurture and encourage growth companies in Scotland.

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