iMultiply does...Artificial Intelligence, the Business Reality
17 May 2018

iMultiply hosted a thought provoking evening for our finance and technology community at the University of Edinburgh Informatics Forum. Melinda Matthews, Codeclan CEO, Stephen Ingledew, FinTech Scotland CEO and Colin Hewitt, Float CEO sparked lively debate about the human and business impacts of artificial intelligence and disruptive technology. For filmed highlights from our speakers, please click here.

Melinda Matthews, Codeclan CEO has over 25 years experience in the technology sector. Melinda began the evening by igniting a match and highlighting that this was once feared and new technology. She challenged our audience to break down their barriers and to embracing disruptive technology, 'A match was once feared technology, now we have bots who support learning and bots who are programmed to simulate love.'

Stephen Ingledew, FinTech Scotland CEO, a global commentator on fintech explored the challenges of integrating disruptive technology into large organisations and how to ready teams for the next phase of technological innovation. Stephen also commented on where fintech was going in Scotland, 'Scotland is currently ranked 15th in the world for fintech, we want that to become 5th...the future is unwritten.'

Colin Hewitt, CEO and founder of next generation cloud-based cash management and forecasting tool Float focused on the positive and tangible impacts which artificial intelligence and data driven technology is having on the way we engage in business. Colin discussed how business tools such as Drift are changing the way we communicate and transact. He highlighted the benefits and challenges of disruptive technology, 'AI can help to make life easier but we need to be careful with this power and shape the world we want to live in carefully.'

Kirsty Mackenzie, iMultiply CEO closed an eye opening evening by asking, 'if you could choose to be transported to a time in the future, what time would you choose and why?' 

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