Annual BIG Charity Quiz raises £3,977 for Children's Hospices Across Scotland
14 May 2018

iMultiply's Big Charity Quiz in March raised funds for Children's Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS). CHAS provides palliative care and family support throughout Scotland. Our CEO Kirsty Mackenzie and the iMultiply team, became aware of some of the fantastic work CHAS does a number of years ago. In particularly, Rachel House, in Kinross, is a 'home from home' for families and has a range of facilities including a sensory room, a hydrotherapy room and a large accessible garden. It also has areas for reflection, bereavement support and care. We had heard that Rachel House is a happy place but did not truly understand the environment until Kirsty was kindly invited to visit...

"To be honest I didn't really know what to expect. I was welcomed at Rachel House by the smiling and bubbly CHAS team and met some of the families living there."
"There is laughter and personality at Rachel House, the range of activities catering for children of all ages and abilities is impressive. I was surprised by the bright colours and personalisation of the rooms. I was touched by the photos on the corridor walls – a picture of every child with a life limiting condition who has stayed at Rachel House. All special, remembered and individuals with their own story. I heard about the amazing support families receive from both volunteers and staff and left with a greater appreciation of the reason donations to CHAS are so invaluable."
"I’m really grateful I’ve had the opportunity to better understand the work that CHAS does and improve my understanding of what some families are experiencing. I’ve left inspired by your hard work, strength, and outlook. Thank you."