iMultiply names senior industry executives as Chair and Financial Director
03 July 2017

iMultiply has appointed growth and entrepreneurship expert John Anderson as Chairman as the company enters a new phase of expansion.

The company, which last month acquired the public practice accounting recruiter Allen Accountancy Recruitment Ltd, also announced that it has appointed a new financial director. Mark Probert, formerly of Grant Thornton, is an experienced chartered accountant and consultant to rapidly-growing companies.

“I’m delighted that John and Mark, two very busy people, have seen something special in iMultiply and are joining us as we execute our three-year growth plan,” said iMultiply CEO Kirsty Mackenzie. “As our new Chair, John will be helping keep us focused on our strategic goals, and his fantastic experience working with high-growth companies will be a tremendous asset.”

John is Head of SME Engagement at Strathclyde Business School. He said he was attracted both by the ethos of iMultiply -- which is working to change the recruitment industry to become more rigorously customer-focussed – and by Kirsty’s leadership style.

“Everyone knows the key traits of successful entrepreneurs include ambition and a tolerance for risk, but what many principals get wrong is that they try to do everything themselves,” John said. “At iMultiply I see Kirsty putting together a complete leadership team, including establishing the Advisory Panel, and genuinely empowering her people to do their jobs.”

He added that there was a clear market opportunity for iMultiply, with its focus on building the teams of fast-growing and entrepreneurial companies.

“In my experience of working with growth companies for over 20 years, every single growth challenge or opportunity comes down to people,” John said. “The recruitment industry is sometimes seen as focused on short term transactional work but iMultiply knows that it can be something more to its clients. Fast-growing companies can build with their recruiter the same kind of trusted-advisor relationship they have with their accounting or legal firm. iMultiply is the one who can help growing companies with talent acquisition, and that’s a relationship that can last years as their businesses develop.”

Financial leadership and the Agile FD programme

Mark Probert, who has been named both a non-executive director and iMultiply’s own new financial director, is a growth specialist who will provide overall financial leadership and ensure delivery of the company’s rolling 90-day action plans. Mark cited iMultiply’s refreshing approach to recruitment as one that inspired him to join the team.

“This is a company and a team who are changing minds about what a recruitment company can do, and who really care about building relationships, and about being ‘givers,’” he said.

Mark, like John, brings to iMultiply significant experience and a wide business network in the West. Mark said he was encouraged to see iMultiply’s continued investment in its Glasgow operation, where it hired an additional team member this month.

“Edinburgh and Glasgow have different psyches, and iMultiply’s focus on building knowledgeable teams in both offices will stand the company in good stead,” Mark said. “I’m really enthused about the opportunities for growth and about the chance to be part of that.”

Mark was one of the first senior members recruited for iMultiply’s Agile FD panel, which serves companies who need interim access to seasoned financial staff.