Accountants claim that a TV and custard creams in the office would boost productivity
01 April 2015

According to a recent survey* of employees working in finance departments, results reveal that productivity could improve if employers provided a TV in the office as well as an endless supply of custard creams.

Participants felt that having easy access to daytime TV would encourage regular breaks and allow for some 'down time', resting the brain to improve overall concentration throughout the day.

It is thought that custard creams or other sugary foods would provide the boost of energy needed for finance professionals to work quickly to ensure deadlines are met.

The controversial results have met some criticism from employers who don't feel the suggestions promote a healthy workplace. However further studies have now been commissioned to explore the findings.


*the survey was conducted by iMultiply Resourcing on April 1st 2015 to explore ideas on how to boost productivity within finance departments. 



Image: Jon Bunting