iMultiply mentioned on BBC Radio Scotland
10 February 2014

iMultiply Resourcing’s MD, Kirsty Mackenzie was mentioned on BBC Radio Scotland this morning as an example how in an industry with a variable reputation, iMultiply Resourcing has distinguished itself and grown through its commitment to customer satisfaction. 

The discussion on today’s BBC Scotland's Morning Call programme centred on the increase of consumers complaining when service had not reached their expectations. It raises an interesting question, how high should your expectations be?

From a business perspective ‘managing expectations’ is paramount. If the employer and employee expectations are both unrealistic then no side is going to be happy. The key to resolving this is careful listening. Effective listening and can prevent problems both with customers and employees. Hearing is not the same as listening, and whilst many people think they are good listeners, is that really true?

How many companies have you come across where the sales  person/management/boss/colleague are not listening. Is it always another person’s organisation? Can you hand on heart say that your team/company/self have great listening skills?

It takes a major children’s charity forty hours of skill training before they allow their call-takers to ‘listen’ to people. Most of this training is around ‘active empathic listening’. We’d like to hear your experiences of how good companies listen, and of course like to mention to anyone who is thinking about investing in training that at iMultiply Resourcing, we can offer training sessions on ‘effective listening’.

For further information on "effective listening" sessions - please call us on 0131 603 7747