Sweetening the recruitment industry – the iMultiply way
04 September 2013
Leith-based iMultiply Resourcing celebrates its first birthday this month, marking the one-year point of an intriguing experiment in the recruitment industry: an agency that rewards its staff based on customer satisfaction.

Kirsty MacKenzie, 29, started the business after noticing a worrying trend. “I saw quite a lot of negativity in how people spoke about recruiters – a lot of complaints and lack of trust – and knew there must be a gap in the market for a recruitment company that did things differently. I actually made a list of everything that people said was wrong with recruiters, and that was my starting point.”

The gap MacKenzie spotted was for a company that puts a laser focus on customer satisfaction, following up proactively with candidates and companies. iMultiply, which specialises in recruitment for accountancy and finance professionals, has devised a comprehensive post-placement satisfaction process. After a placement is complete, iMultiply questions the company on every aspect of the process: the suitability of the candidate, whether it felt its needs were understood, plus any ideas for future improvements. A large part of her staff's bonus is based on these customer satisfaction surveys – an unusual step for a recruitment company.

The same energetic follow-up is delivered for candidates: iMultiply prepares them in detail for interviews, including in-depth information on a company's culture. It also gathers constructive feedback from interviewers, which offers candidates useful insight. Kirsty's team speaks regularly to all its candidates, to keep up to date with their circumstances and understand more about what they're looking for in a position.

“It's a volume business for most recruitment companies, who are counting how many calls they make, but we have a sharp focus on quality rather than quantity,” she said. Slowly, iMultiply has built a selective database of finance professionals who it knows well, and has scored hit after hit with successful placements for companies like Johnston Carmichael and Superfeet.

The company was profitable in its first year, has hired four additional staff and is on track for turnover of £500,000 in its second year.

Sharing the good news

iMultiply has also raised eyebrows with the congratulations gifts it now offers to successful candidates. “One of us will stop by the person's office soon after their start date to deliver a box of cupcakes and a congratulations card,” she says. “We've discovered it's a great way for them to break the ice, sharing around the cakes with their team. When you work in recruitment, it's easy to forget that getting someone a job is a life-changing thing. We want to let everyone of our candidates know that we see them as a person, not just a CV.”

For more information on iMultiply Resourcing and its upcoming October event, the Pros of Pro Bono please call Fiona Riding on 0131 603 7747