iMultiply does...The Changing Role of the CFO with Shane Corstorphine
11 March 2019

iMultiply were delighted to welcome Shane Corstorphine, SVP Growth at Skyscanner, to speak at the 2nd in our series of Business Breakfasts “The Changing Role of the CFO”. Shane led an insightful and inspiring session on why it is critical for the role of the CFO to evolve and keep up with the rapid pace of change our world is currently experiencing.

Some of our key take aways were:

  • Businesses need to have the ability to execute strategy at speed, to avoid disruptors “stealing their lunch”. The CFO must be able to know how to optimally invest in assets (people and product) to support and drive faster execution. 
  • Investment in people is key, it is importance to create frameworks that allow people to make mistakes, thus allowing a safe environment for failure. Trading cash for learnings must be part of the CFO's mindset. 
  • It is necessary for the CFO to have a data led decision making process, and move away from the gut feel/founder approach when in a scale up phase of business.
  • The CFO must have a thirst for curiosity and must ask the right questions. Assessing trade and risk is key for the CFO to influence, as the pace of change continues to accelerate they need to push hard and go fast.
  • The ability to not only learn but take on a velocity of learning, know how to improve and have the right attitude to take feedback is key for the CFO to grow with a business.  


We would like to thank everyone who attended this week’s business breakfast and please do look out for the next!