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01 March 2019

This week iMultiply held the first of our 2019 events, kicking off with a leadership dinner at the quirky Badger and Co in Edinburgh. The evening was based around the discussion of  building resilience using self-awareness, with psychologist and strengths coach Katie Banham. Katie is recognised by BBC Scotland as an expert on the Psychology of Potential and is a Past Chair of Occupational Psychologists in Scotland. Katie recently wrote a blog for us, where she explores navigating leadership, which can be found HERE

Throughout the year, iMultiply host a series of thought leadership events with the aim of inspiring, connecting and knowledge sharing. The discussion of this evening certainly gave us a lot to think about!  

Some of the reflective questions, which came out of the evening where:

  • How do you push people who aren’t ‘anti fragile’ so you don’t protect them too much?
  • What is the value of things going wrong?
  • How do you get out of your comfort zone and build confidence?
  • How do you get your team to think about how they are ‘anti fragile’?

Some additional materials for those looking to read more on the subject:

  • Skills Development Scotland’s paper: Skills 4.0 HERE 
  • Antifragile by Nassim Taleb HERE 

If you would like to be invited along to our future events, please get in touch with Fiona Gardner on