Boyd Tunnock, Brewgooder and Scottish Enterprise celebrate Scottish Food and Drink Talent at iMultiply Scaling-up in Food and Drink forum

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Boyd Tunnock, Tunnock’s Managing Director, Alan Mahon, Brewgooder Co-founder and Scottish Enterprise will be celebrating Scotland Food & Drink Fortnight in Glasgow on 6th September at ‘iMultiply does…Scaling-up in Food and Drink’, hosted by leading finance and executive recruitment firm iMultiply.  
The iMultiply Scaling-up in Food and Drink forum will bring together founders and decision-makers from growing businesses across Scotland’s vibrant food and drink scene to chew over the opportunities and complexities of scaling-up a food and drink company, both locally and internationally.
Kirsty Mackenzie, iMultiply CEO and Founder confirms, “We are delighted that Boyd, Alan and Scottish Enterprise are backing our initiative to support growing food and drink businesses in Scotland. People and culture are the key ingredients to scaling-up a Scottish food and drink organisation.”

“Layering a product based business with the solid commercial base of a strong finance team, ensures that ambitious food and drink businesses have the decision-making bite to drive the business forward.“
Ahead of the forum, Boyd Tunnock, Tunnock’s Managing Director offers encouragement to founders growing a food and drink business in Scotland: ”Keep trying to be better and don't get downhearted if you do not achieve what you set out to do first time - remember Bruce and the Spider!!
Alan Mahon, Brewgooder Co-founder adds, ”Scotland has some of the best quality food and drink produce in the world. Not only that, it punches well above its weight when it comes to innovation and industry defining companies in that sector. It’s an exciting time to be in the sector with so many companies redefining what Scottish food and drink means, while retaining what makes us great at it.
Lively debate at the forum is likely to cover when to scale-up, leadership development, attracting investment and talent, diversifying product ranges, growing brand recognition, implementing structural change, relationships with retail buyers, approaching internationalisation and building for the future.
If you are in finance and looking to move into a food or drink organisation, please get in touch with Kris Flanagan, Associate Director: