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John Gilbertson, iMultiply Director celebrated his 5th anniversary at iMultiply this week. A former bank manager turned FTSE 250 accountancy and finance recruiter, John sets down his thoughts about why he joined iMultiply, his boss and the opportunity for growing your own business…. 


Why did you join iMultiply and what were your first few months like? 

I joined iMultiply from a FTSE 250 recruitment agency where I was a manager. I joined the company because I knew that Kirsty Mackenzie, our CEO, meant what she said...when we met for a coffee and she told me that she wanted to grow a different accounting and finance recruitment agency.

The recruitment team would be incentivised not by making a sale but by delivering exceptional customer service for candidates and employers; a different business model which struck a chord with me. 

I remember those first few months at the company as being both challenging and exciting. Working for a growth company is so different to working for a large recruitment organisation, you have a tangible impact on the entire business and are in a position to learn about the commercial aspects of running a business across brand, procedures, finance, IT….you can have a real impact from day one. 

I also like the fact that you are very much growing your own business and have broad exposure to a variety of clients, rather than just focusing on a fixed portfolio every day. 

What is the training like here? 

Our CEO trained me. I honestly believe I work for the best line manager in terms of candidate and employer understanding, integrity and energy. She always leads from the front and as a result every member of the team feels valued, is given the time and support to train but is also given the room to grow in their own direction… idea is ever shot down…. 

What makes you stay at iMultiply? 

The business is growing rapidly and as a result there are always new challenges and opportunities. I have grown as a manager since I started here and as career progression here is unlimited I intend to continue to challenge myself as our team grows from city to city. 

From a home life point of view, the company recognises that flexibility is critical to effective working and we don’t have a KPI environment. The company pays well, we have a laugh on our team away days and nights out and I like that we are about innovation and exceptional customer service. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

Aside from using the next generation of Mac computers (we just on-boarded the latest version across our offices)? Seriously...I have had a phenomenal journey at iMultiply so far and as the company grows its reach and size, I very much would like to be a part of that growth story and develop a team of business leaders. 

If you are interested in joining our expanding team at iMultiply, please contact for a confidential discussion.