Join Us: The Recruiter’s Journey

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Lewis Cavanagh, Consultant discusses his journey as an accountancy and finance recruitment specialist at iMultiply.

It’s not very often that a recruiter is given a public platform to express what it is truly like to work for an agency.  Luckily at iMultiply, I have been given this opportunity and I wanted to share what it is like working here and talk about my journey, so far, in recruitment.

Just over 4 years ago I decided it was time for a fresh start, having spent my career working in retail until that point. I certainly found a fresh start waiting for me at iMultiply; recruiting for accountancy and finance roles was completely new to me.  

Taking on this new world was initially an incredibly daunting task.  However, I soon learned that I was in safe hands. From day one I have been given plenty of exposure to the team’s senior managers, directors and Kirsty Mackenzie (CEO and founder) who all had ample expertise. I am fortunate enough to be working for a growing firm which offers this level of exposure to senior members of the team and to different industries.

I was rapidly promoted from the position of Resourcer to Consultant. This was another massive step forward in my career, particularly as with this role came greater responsibilities and expectations.  I had to become a lot more independent and rely less on work being passed to me.

After a couple of years getting used to this new found independence, I felt that I wasn’t getting results from my efforts to pair the right employer with the right candidate.  I questioned myself on numerous occasions, wondering why this was. I was reassured that things would fall into place and eventually, after being patient, they did.  By growing my reputation in line with the iMultiply brand and values, I found a lot more business was coming my way through my direct contacts or their network.   

Although iMultiply has grown from one office to three and the team has more than doubled in size, support has always been there for me. Not just professionally, but on a personal level too. Working with a great group of people means that you enjoy coming into work every day.  

I truly believe iMultiply are one of the better recruitment agencies and it all comes down to the people in the team.

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