Insights from an Intern - Euan Lannon on iMultiply

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We recently had the pleasure of hosting our first intern who had a whirlwind two week assignment with us discovering all things iMultiply.

In this blog Euan shares with us his experience of working with the team.

My name is Euan Lannon and I will be returning to the third year of my Politics and Social Policy degree in September. I have spent the last two weeks working with the team of iMultiply in the offices of both Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Having never spent a minute in recruitment before, the last two weeks have seen my eyes opened to whole new world in what can only be described as a memorable two weeks. Where do I even begin?  

The best place to start is back in April when I first met with company CEO and founder Kirsty Mackenzie to discuss the potential of an internship. I have no shame in admitting I did not have the first idea of recruitment as an industry and as a career path at this time. Having enjoyed an engaging dialogue with Kirsty the process then lead to getting an idea of what the two week period would entail and my introduction to the recruitment world had arrived.  

So came the first day where I was introduced to the team in Edinburgh and was put through my paces and taught the ins and outs of recruitment by Director John Gilbertson. John, I must add, made me very welcome from the off and he did everything he could over the 2 weeks to make sure I was always up to date with information on current financial legislation and regulatory bodies.

The day culminated with my first insight into the open and transparent culture of iMultiply. Employers and candidates alike will no doubt be aware of the pledges to remain open and clear in their relationships however this is something that also exists in the workplace to make sure everyone is acting as effectively and efficiently as possible.  

After having a settling in day and learning the ropes, the real work began on Tuesday and it was a taster of what was going to come. Having realised from the first moment I was totally out of my comfort zone and having to go with the flow I was presented with a task of performing a social media competitor analysis and formulated a report with specific reference to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This task allowed me to gain more information on a range of issues in recruitment and opened my eyes further.

The fun began that afternoon and later as I learned the basics of  business development culminating in the organising of a meeting in the Scottish Borders which I was generously invited along to by iMultiply. 

Later in the week I was taken through to meet the dynamic team in the Glasgow office to be taught how to speak to candidates. iMultiply showed a trust in me allowing me to undertake a job by phoning candidates they didn't yet know to help fill a vacancy at a Glasgow based company. There was constant help on offer from all members of the team and praise was always given no matter how small the achievement – something that does wonders for confidence in a new environment.

Who would have thought a single phone call could fill anyone with such dread? For anyone who follows me and does something similar then expect those nerves!  

The second week saw me use some of the skills I'd learnt and I was given freedom to achieve and meet some targets. There was always someone to ask for help however trivial that may have been and looking back some questions were downright stupid. However, the team at iMultiply were fantastic in making me feel like I was part of the group and no question would go unanswered. I believe this was largely down to the hands-on approach to my development by Kirsty who taught me more than I thought possible two weeks ago.

The week flew by; making calls, booking meetings, arranging interviews, sitting in on interviewing candidates, employer meetings, brainstorming sessions, the list is truly endless. This is an experience anyone would really be lucky to have and for this to be condensed and fitted in to just two weeks was superb. 

Reflecting on my time spent with iMultiply it is hard to say anything explicit that I have learned – then I realise that 2 weeks ago I couldn’t have told you the first thing about recruitment and now I have been acting on behalf of the company.

The development I have experienced has been second to none and this is a truly fantastic team albeit with some truly questionable patter at times. I thank everyone at iMultiply in both Edinburgh and Glasgow for making this experience so informative as well as enjoyable.

I thoroughly look forward to crossing paths with all of them again in the not too distant future. I learned more in day one than I thought possible during the two week placement, then again what can you expect from a fast-paced, forward-thinking company like this?