Take action for Action for Children

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For Volunteers Week 2016, iMultiply will be promoting a different charity each day to spread awareness of the great work and the positive impact the charity has made on lives and the wider community they work within.  Our Fifth charity in the series is Action for Children.

About Action for Children

Action for Children is a national charity that supports the most disadvantaged and neglected children and young people in the heart of local communities.  With over 80 services where you live and work, they help thousands of children and young people to transform their lives each year and have been doing so for over 60 years.


The children and young people they support face the most difficult problems in life and some don't have the basics. Such as the love and care of a family to regular routines such as mealtimes or the guidance that all children need to grow to be healthy adults. Others have to overcome physical or emotional challenges that hold them back. Action for Children helps these children to fulfil their potential by providing services to support their individual needs.


How did it all start?

The first "Children's Home" was founded in 1868 by Methodist minister Thomas Bowman Stephenson who had been moved by the fate of street children in London.

The charity changed its name to "NCH Action for Children” in 1994 and to "Action for Children" in September 2008. The name changes reflected a shift away from providing children's homes (most of which have now closed) to a wider range of services.

What do you look for in a volunteer?

Action for Children look for volunteers who are committed to making a difference for disadvantaged children, through offering their skills and time. The roles vary from helping at one-off events to administration and fundraising research in their offices and helping to deliver their valuable services to children and their families. For most of their volunteering roles, you don't need to have any particular skills other than enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved. If any specific skills are needed they outline them in the role description.


Why should someone volunteer for you? 

People volunteer with them for a wide range of reasons. As well as being a great way to support some of the UK's most vulnerable children and families, it's also an opportunity to get involved in the local community, learn new skills, improve your CV, build your confidence and meet new people. They’re very flexible: it depends on the role and how much time you are able to give. Some of their volunteers might give two hours a fortnight or get involved in one-off events that last a few hours, while others might give two or three days a week.

It's very important to them that all their volunteers feel confident in their role and know exactly what they will be doing. Action for Children gives all of their volunteers an introduction to their work and support from a member of staff, although the level of training you receive will depend on your role.


Action for Children have a number of upcoming events across Scotland that you can volunteer at or go along to help raise money!

-10th June 2016 - Sports Dinner, The Hilton Hotel

-26th August 2016 - Glasgow Gleneagles Golf Day, Gleneagles Hotel & Resort,

-22nd September 2016 - Never Mind the Business Glasgow, The Hilton Hotel

-7th October 2016 - Byte Night, Edinburgh


If you are interested in Volunteering with Action for Children, head to their website