Meet Fiona Gardner - Resourcer at iMultiply

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In our "Meet the team" series of blogs we are going to be hearing from each member of the team here at iMultiply. Our latest blog in the series is from Fiona Gardner, Resourcer at iMultiply.

My background and experience 

I worked in retail throughout school and university and developed a great love for customer service and enjoyed helping customers find what they were looking for.  

After university I wanted to take a different direction and fancied a change of scenery so I decided to move from Aberdeen to Edinburgh.  I had friends and family in Edinburgh and thought “if I don’t try it now, I never will.”  

How I got into recruitment

Like a lot of people who work in recruitment, I fell into it so it all came about quite quickly.  In my quest to find a career after university and moving to Edinburgh, a friend introduced me to iMultiply after they found her the job of her dreams.  Before I knew it, I was offered a job to work in the team and I was delighted to accept.  

Without realising, I had managed to find a job that allowed me to meet interesting people and help them in a bigger and better way than I had been able to in my previous job.

A day in the life

I normally arrive in the office by 8.20 and start my day by reading through emails before our morning meeting at 8.30. From then on my day consists of speaking to candidates and meeting with them to get to know them, what it is exactly they are looking for and how we can help.

Why iMultiply

From the minute I met the team at iMultiply I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of. It’s so exciting to be part of something that can shape and change the way people look at recruitment.  They have the perfect balance between having fun and getting the job done.

What makes us different

It's all about the people. Customer service is so important and that's shown by the relationships that we build. 

Best piece of recruitment advice

Don't fear rejection. Love it! Learn from your experiences and don't get disheartened by the people who say “No”. You have to get a few “No's” before the perfect job comes your way. 

A little bit about me outside work

I am a big fan of all types of music. I love nothing more than seeing a band or artist play live. Family and friends are hugely important to me and if I'm not at work you'll find me baking with my mum over FaceTime or going for brunch with my friends.