The importance of not being idle

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As we kick off the New Year and I reach my one year anniversary with iMultiply, Iwas excited to share my thoughts on contracting and temporary positions. 

When professionals are searching for a new job it’s a common desire to hang around and focus on finding a permanent role.  A lot of people long for the prospect of job security and the knowledge of where they will be working in 2, 3 or 4 years’ time.  However, here are a few benefits of taking on a contract role that can often be overlooked…

Bridge the Gap in the CV

Contract positions are a useful way of filling a gap between two permanent jobs.  This helps preserve credibility of your CV as there will be no long periods out of work, which can sometimes raise eyebrows with employers.

Keep the money rolling in

Taking on a temporary role also prevents from digging into the savings as you wait for another job to come along.  It is a common misconception that the pay rates for contracts are not as attractive as a permanent salary, however the opposite can be true.  When an organisation is looking for somebody at short notice, they can often increase the salary to attract the right candidate.

Broadens your Variation of Experience

Working in different sectors will help you diversify your experience and help you stand out from the crowd.  When coming up against the competition, having experience in different industries or sectors and with different systems, can really help.

Potential of the Contract Becoming Permanent

In my first year at iMultiply Resourcing, I have already seen several candidates go into a temporary role and then be made permanent.  Many companies will go down this route to recruit these days, it will give both parties the opportunity to try each other out before making a permanent commitment. 


Due to the nature of contract positions, there is often a fast turnaround and individuals who are immediately available or have the flexibility to start work at short notice will have a greater variety of contract positions available to them. 

A large number of businesses also carry out what is known as a ‘working interview’ this is where an individual will work for an employer for a certain amount of hours (which they are paid for) to see how they get on in the role.  This can be a more accurate representation of an individual's skills and their capabilities within the role.  This tends to help the process for the employers recruiting as they can move a lot quicker and it usually results in the candidate continuing with the company on a contract basis.

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