Four ways to keep studying when you don't feel like it

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When you are working towards your finance qualification, it can feel like a real slog at times. When it feels like all work and no play, how do you get the balance? We asked some of our candidates for their advice on how to keep studying and keep focussed.

A few of our part-qualified candidates here at iMultiply are actively studying towards their exams for a finance qualification. We asked them how they manage to balance their workload and studies and stay motivated, and here are their top tips:

Decide a study time and stick to it

Set aside dedicated studying time – perhaps in the evenings or at weekends when you are less likely to be distracted – and stick to that routine.  For those who are prone to procrastinating, a to-do list of study topics can help avoid the sudden desire to organise your sock drawer or alphabetise your CD collection.

Arhona, who juggles a full-time job and family life whilst pursuing her qualifications, told us that she uses her holiday allowance on the run-up to exams. This allows her free time to study and helps avoid conflicts with her busy work schedule.

Figure out your learning style

Whether it’s a structured study plan or last-minute cramming before an exam, it’s important to find your own style of learning. Some people work best under pressure, while others may prefer a more measured approach. It's okay if you have a different learning style from other people: you just need to figure out what your style is and work within that.

Another of our candidates, Zubair, told us he finds it intense when he is studying for exams. He figured out that he works best when he keeps his study sessions short and regular, so that the information is always fresh in his mind.  

Ask for support

There is often huge support to be gained from those closest to you: don’t be afraid to ask for support from your manager or colleagues who are in the same boat or have been in the past. These are the influencers who are most likely to prevent you from throwing in the towel.

Don’t take on too much

Studying is always going to put you under stress. But you can take steps to minimise the stress by ensuring you do not take on too much – and that includes too much studying or too many exams at once. The temptation can be to sit a few exams at one time, but the risk is that you may rush and not give each subject enough of your time. 

This advice comes straight from our candidates who are sitting finance exams – the techniques that work for them might work for you, too. All that hard work will be worth it in the end, and you can feel justifiably proud of your efforts when you have accomplished your goal. And don't forget, if you do fail an exam, it’s not the end of the world or the end of the road for your studies. Keep upbeat, keep working, and keep your eyes on the prize. You will get there!


Image: Steven S