Who wants to walk on broken glass?

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On Thursday 17th July, each member of the iMultiply team will overcome their fear and take brave steps across shards of broken glass, in a fundraiser aimed at helping a young Perth boy to walk unaided for the very first time. Managing Director Kirsty Mackenzie explains how the idea came about, and why business owners might consider such a unique team-building event.


Where did you get the idea for a glass-walking event?

Glass-walking is where a team of people challenge themselves to walk over six feet of broken glass in bare feet, after a 'mind over matter' workshop. My first reaction, when I heard about this concept at a recent Action for Children event, was, “Well, this is different!” I’m already a supporter of Action for Children, and its 'Yes Chef'  charity auction gave me the opportunity to bid on this prize. The rest of the room descended into gasps and whispers as I stuck my hand straight up to bid, but I kept it up there until I'd won!

I wasn't sure what the iMultiply team’s reaction would be, but I'm a big believer that you should push yourself to step outside your comfort zone and try new experiences. It also fits into the iMultiply culture of being different; thinking outside the box; not giving up; being in it together.


How did the team react? Were they running for the door?

No, but telling the team was hilarious. They were speechless at first, then they thought I was winding them up! Now that the news has sunk in, they seem a little apprehensive but excited. After some time to reflect, the team decided the event would be a good opportunity to share in a positive experience that raises money for a cause each one of us believes in: 6-year-old Jack, whose cerebral palsy means he endures pain on a daily basis, but who could gain the ability to walk if he receives costly medical treatment in America.


How did you hear about Jack?

We met Stacy, Jack’s mum, because she was one of our candidates here at iMultiply. Jack was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was 20 months old but extensive procedures, training and therapies are helping him make progress towards his ultimate goal of walking unaided. He has the chance to receive further surgery at a hospital in Missouri this November but needs £25,000 to cover all costs.

Even putting our strong CSR policy aside, each individual in the iMultiply team is genuinely passionate about supporting charities and making a difference to our local community. We are hoping that the money we raise will help Jack to get the life-changing treatment he deserves.   


Why would business owners like yourself consider glass-walking as a team event?

There are a lot of benefits! Here are just a few that occur to me: I’d definitely encourage other business owners to look at similar events:

Giving back: Glasswalking not only raises funds to help Jack, but we also purchased the event at an Action for Children fundraiser, which meant that we helped contribute to another fantastic cause. Action for Children do incredible work: for example their ‘Moving On’ service is committed to reducing re-offending rates, by supporting young men who are in custody or have recently been released from custody and are returning home to their local communities.

Bringing us all closer: This event will give my team a new experience and a huge feeling of achievement, and it will strengthen relationships because it's such a memorable experience to share.

Living the brand: This event is different! In that way it reflects our brand and culture, allowing other businesses and individuals to get a feel for what we're all about.


How can readers support you and Jack in your team challenge?

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