Five Burning questions with...Liam Bain

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We asked Finance Director of Fosters Funeral Directors, Liam Bain about his career and what his predictions are for the future of the finance profession in our new series, 5 burning questions. 











Tell us a bit about yourself:

An experienced finance leader who enjoys building strong finance teams to support and add value to growing, entreprenurial businesses that are on an exciting journey...whilst trying to have some fun amongst all the hardwork! 


Biggest career learn:

You can’t do everything yourself! Don’t drift in to micro management. Trust the team you have and support where necessary.


Work/life balance:

I’m definitely a morning person, so I tend to favour an early start which then means I can get some family time at the end of most days. I like to encourage an output focussed approach to the running of a finance team rather than managing people to a desk for certain hours of the day. This tends to generate a more flexible approach to working hours which benefits both team members and the business.


Piece of advice:

Chances are that you won’t be with one company your whole career so building a network early on is invaluable.   


Future of finance:

Technology will play an ever increasing role in the profession. The challenge to emerging (and exisiting!) finance professionals is can they embrace this change and develop the skillset to handle the technology, whilst still being a good accountant.


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