Spinning plates and arranging start dates

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During my interview at iMultiply, I was asked what my reservations might be about becoming a Recruitment Consultant. One year later, I realize that my answer was somewhat paradoxical…

The understanding I had of recruitment was not very positive. I believed it to be a shallow, transactional service offered by mouthy consultants that claimed to be helpful, however were anything but. Despite this perception I was intrigued and entered into the world of recruitment, keen to have my eyes opened and opinion changed. 

I had previously not appreciated the sheer amount of behind the scenes work that went into recruitment, it’s a very fast paced industry where you find yourself spinning many plates. This year has been a learning curve, I’ve made mistakes, but I have learnt a lot as well and I now know there are three key elements that are extremely important in becoming successful in this industry. 


Communication – Less is more; none is not. 

Communication is key. One of my most important developments, as a consultant, over the last year has been the refining of my communication style. When dealing with busy finance professionals, it is important that I am efficient with my time; but even more important that I am efficient with theirs! Therefore, under my line manager’s guidance and example, I have strived to take a less is more approach, particularly when communicating with our customers, in order to maximize the efficiency of the process. 

However, none is not more.

In my first year with iMultiply, I have learned the importance of giving candidate feedback, negative or positive. Without feedback, candidates can’t improve on past performance and therefore the service we provide is worthless to both parties. Whereas, if we can inform candidates of their downfalls and help them improve, we can add value to their career and hopefully place them in the next opportunity that may arise. Thus, less is more but none is not.


Pace – time is money. 

Pace is crucial in recruitment. You must be able to react quickly when jobs are competitive and try to have as little fat around the meat when it comes to meetings and calls. However, should we be sacrificing a quality service for a fast one? After all, time IS money…but who’s money? 

In my first year with iMultiply, I have learned that, YES – pace is crucial and that I must work on being efficient with my time. However it is more important to our customers that I communicate with them regularly and effectively – by listening with the intent to understand and giving honest and useful feedback throughout each process, so that we can work together if things don’t quite go the way we’d hoped. I have learned that if you maintain this mindset as a consultant, and you remember that time is your customer’s money, that your pace will come naturally. 


Industry knowledge – a question of questions.

In any form of specialist recruitment, industry knowledge is your baseline. You must have a good grasp of each of the roles you are likely to be engaged on in order to understand your customers’ requirements properly. 

In my first year with iMultiply, I have learned that there is a lot to be said for swatting up on my debits and credits and getting our accountant to show me a few journals; However, I believe that the best tool at my disposal are the people I work for – our customers (cheesy, I know, but bear with me). These people are the experts on the subject of the challenges they face in the finance world, in their business and in their lives outside of work – so by asking the right questions, (managing to shut my mouth for a couple of beats) and listening with the intent to understand, I have found that I am not only providing the right service but I am soaking up huge amount of industry knowledge and experience without having to spend late nights on Wikipedia.

So during my interview, when asked by my now Director and Line Manager what my reservations might be about becoming a recruitment consultant my answer was “The stigma surrounding recruitment”. 

Ironically, this is now my biggest driver to succeed within the industry and challenge the perception I once had. 


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