‘iMultiply Connects’ - 21st March

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Catalyst Fintech Hub, Donegall Square West, Belfast

How to create long term value is undoubtably central to the business approach adopted by service led companies. In reality, regardless of how much a customer values their relationship with an advisory firm, they can only engage them for core services as and when there is a requirement to do so. Maintaining a relationship, which both parties have invested their time in, can sometimes feel in a sense contrived with the service business often walking that fine line between ‘great to hear from you’ and ‘tell them I’m in a meeting’. This is not exclusive to recruitment; every service offering has a time and place, it is up to the judgement of the individual to gauge appropriate contact levels.

Professional advisors operate on the outside looking in, responding to where companies are on their particular journey. Are they raising funding to expand, setting up in a new office location, or on the acquisition trail? Whatever moment they are in, trusted advice and support will undoubtably be required. Good advisors spend their days meeting people, whether that be coffees and lunches, attending organised events, or meeting customers at their places of work. Their role is to ask the right questions, understand their challenges and opportunities, what their future plans might be, and what type of service or indeed person they will need to deliver those plans. To create value for customers we have to stay very close to the market, as how easily a service or skill set is secured can directly influence an outcome.

The key skill or characteristic of a recruitment professional is the ability to ‘match’. This can be our core function of matching someone looking for a new job with a company that has a requirement, or it can be matching businesses with other businesses or advisors who can help in that phase of their journey. iMultiply Connects was born out of the realisation that formalising what we do on a day-to-day basis could potentially deliver value to our business community, in addition of course to core recruitment services. Our ability to match and connect those that would not ordinarily cross paths but who perhaps can add value to each other’s business journey is not only professionally satisfying but also ensures we remain a part of our customers business life thus avoiding the dreaded ‘they’re in a meeting’! 

Our forthcoming iMultiply Connects event will be the third in a series that continues to go from strength to strength. The venue for the event is the newly created Catalyst Belfast Fintech hub at the home of Danske Bank on Donegall Square. As a partner of Catalyst Inc we are always keen to support and highlight the work the organisation does to facilitate and drive innovation in Northern Ireland. We are delighted to be joined by Jordan Buchanan, Economist at Ulster University Economic Policy Centre, will offer his perspective at what is a pivotal time for the NI and wider UK business landscape. 

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP here