Reasons to consider temporary work

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Have you ever thought about temporary work when searching for a job? 

As a temporary consultant it’s not uncommon to engage with a candidate who has a bias against temporary jobs. Often candidates express some common concerns however what many don’t know are the array of positive benefits both short and long-term temporary jobs can offer, most of which are often overlooked.. 

If we can adjust our mindset and focus on the benefits, the outlook on temping roles seems a lot more attractive.


Improve/Sharpen your skills


A temporary position may offer the opportunity to learn new skills or gain needed experience that you may not have had the opportunity to learn. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on your dream job because someone else had experience using a certain system that you didn’t? Temporary roles are a great way to get exposure to  new working environments and different sectors as well as giving you the opportunity to add to your skill set. An understanding and brief experience is vastly more attractive than no knowledge at all.


Speedier Hiring Process 


Temporary roles often move very quickly, if not always as a matter of urgency. Work this to your advantage, if you are on the market and you are available to start immediately your skills become more appealing. This also shows some desirable soft skills by being flexible and accommodating. A tip is to always discuss your availability with your consultant as its imperative they understand your timescales and how responsive you can be to an assignment offer. They may even offer you first refusal for new positions that arise. You may get a call on a Friday to be in a new position on the Monday morning! 


Opens new doors 


Temporary work can open doors for candidates who may not fit the job description like a glove. Meaning you may not tick every box however,  if you have the transferable skills getting in front of the hiring manager could give you a chance to showcase your experience and personality. Sometimes these traits could ultimately help you secure the position. This also means you may get exposure to new working conditions, whether that be; industry, team size or responsibilities. Think of it as try before you buy, away to get your foot in the door. 

The truth is there will always be unanswered questions when it comes to a new job. Choosing your work place is a pivotal decision, temping gives you the chance to ensure you make the right one!



Get in touch with Zara Dyer on 0141 648 9150 or zaradyer@imultiplyresourcing.comfor more information about temporary opportunities with iMultiply.