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The Digital Revolution in Accountancy: Fact or Fiction?

How will artificial intelligence and digitalisation change accountancy practice? Star Trek, Terminator and The Matrix have for decades foretold of a future where man and machine could accomplish rapid changes, for better or for worse, to the ways in which...

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Join Us: The Recruiter’s Journey

Lewis Cavanagh, Consultant discusses his journey as an accountancy and finance recruitment specialist at iMultiply. It’s not very often that a recruiter is given a public platform to express what it is truly like to work for an agency.  Luckily...

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iMultiply finds a warm welcome waiting for SMEs in Belfast

iMultiply's Belfast office is celebrating its first month of trading and our team are delighted by the warm welcome and support which we have received from the Northern Ireland business community. Business in Northern Ireland operates within a close-knit community...

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Practice Insight: iMultiply engages with Scott-Moncrieff

Scott-Moncrieff is one of Scotland’s leading independent firms of chartered accountants and business advisers. Established in 1792, the firm’s expertise encompasses financial assurance, risk management, improving performance, taxation and wealth management. Advising high calibre clients, working across all sectors in...

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Practice Insight: iMultiply engages with Scott Moncrieff

Is your CV tailor-made?

An important part of our work at iMultiply is to match you up to the perfect role and that all starts with your CV. There are an abundance of articles out there telling you about how to deal with competency...

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Top tips on attracting trustees

At iMultiply, we have a special place in our hearts and our business for non-profit organisations. I’ve personally worked for a number of years in charities until I crossed over to the dark side of recruitment; so for me it’s...

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Why Belfast? Why Now?

Earlier this month iMultiply launched our business in Belfast. With our Edinburgh and Glasgow operations performing well, and firmly in growth phase, we felt it was the right time to be a start-up once again. Since we announced this latest...

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The 21st Century Employee Experience

My grandad worked for The Bank of Scotland until he succumbed to stress and a fatal heart attack at the premature age of 50. My dad started at the The Bank of Scotland aged 16 and worked there until statutory...

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Retaining the right people

Recruiting great team members is no easy task, however, if you manage to find the right person the next step is to ensure you keep them. Of course, a stable and content workforce is key to any workplace performing well...

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Recruitment consultants - masters in disappointment?

In our latest blog, John Gilbertson, Director at iMultiply, explores one of the more challenging aspects in the everyday role of a recruiter. The number one reason our CEO, Kirsty Mackenzie, set up iMultiply was to raise the standards of...

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