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Top Reasons To Work With iMultiply

When you are looking for a new role, it's important to take the time to find the right position and company for you. A quick glance over the jobs section in the newspaper and applying for a role that "seems...

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How to prepare for an Interview

It goes without saying that preparation is key when attending an interview. I'm sure you've heard the saying about the 6 P's: prior presentation prevents p… - or in other words, if you don't prepare, you will perform badly (and no...

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Do you have Peachy Mondays?

Peachy Mondays is a brand new service that allows users to anonymously review their current and previous employers – think Trip Advisor for companies (but better!). iMultiply Resourcing think it’s a brilliant idea as it provides users with honest and useful...

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What makes a good CV?

When applying for roles, it's important that your CV does you justice. At iMultiply Resourcing we read a lot of CV's and we know a good CV when we see one. We like to take the time to find out...

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Are Future Employers Spying on You?

Is social media a useful tool to check a candidates’ creditability or an unnecessary invasion of privacy? With over a billion people now using social media sites and businesses continuing to invest in the social media trend, how we’re using...

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