We spend the time getting to know potential candidates, so we can match them with roles which will enable them to flourish. And we don’t just speak to people wanting to move jobs. Often we meet and speak to professionals who just need some guidance and support, but for whom a new job is not the right answer.

If you’re actively job hunting, or just wondering if a move might be right – speak to us today..

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Since 2012 we have worked with many of Scotland’s best companies. In that time, our experienced team have helped some of the country’s leading accountants and finance professionals find their perfect role, and because we regularly speak to people not even looking for a new role it means we are connected to potential candidates others don’t even know about yet.

To learn how we have helped others and can help you get in touch.

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Why Choose Us?

iMultiply was established with the sole purpose of creating a new and different type of recruitment business, one that sits between candidates and employers for the benefit of both. Every recruitment firm operates with the same elements of the equation, but at iMultiply the rewards are multiplied which we believe leads to better progress for everyone.

You x Us x Them = Progress.
Find out how we can help you.

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